Current Romanov Fiction Book Collection


In time for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the House of Romanov (specifically with Tsar/Czar Nicholas II‘s family (of course!), I took this picture of my current collection of Romanov fiction books. They are:

* The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry (first time read for me, learned about while web-surfing in Wikipedia about the Romanovs)

* The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller (first heard of it through‘s interview with her. It took some months to get a response from Fully Booked, until one branch in Greenhills told us they’re able to get hold of some copies. Yeah!), and

* The Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mossanen (I found out about while web-surfing one day. I asked Fully Booked if they have any; answer: none. In Hong Kong: nothing as well. Then I took part of a scavenger hunt the said author held last year as a part of the release of the book (and I actually won, first time I won in any contest (blushes)). I also got her first 2 novels too but I hardly finish the first one and didn’t start on the other. And I just finished this book almost halfway when I was on the plane from Hong Kong to Dubai and some time when I was in the latter city.) Update (01/26/2014): I finished the book right before last year ended. Success!