Literary Theory Journal

In this new category, the writer is asked to write her opinions & some applications of some of the well-known literary theories as a part of the requirements for Literary Theory or Lit 208.

The main purpose for this is to discuss literary theories in an academic language without literally going overboard. The author knows she cannot promise an entirely full discussion on them, but promises to talk about them in full detail.

Current Romanov Fiction Book Collection


In time for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the House of Romanov (specifically with Tsar/Czar Nicholas II‘s family (of course!), I took this picture of my current collection of Romanov fiction books. They are:

* The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry (first time read for me, learned about while web-surfing in Wikipedia about the Romanovs)

* The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller (first heard of it through‘s interview with her. It took some months to get a response from Fully Booked, until one branch in Greenhills told us they’re able to get hold of some copies. Yeah!), and

* The Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mossanen (I found out about while web-surfing one day. I asked Fully Booked if they have any; answer: none. In Hong Kong: nothing as well. Then I took part of a scavenger hunt the said author held last year as a part of the release of the book (and I actually won, first time I won in any contest (blushes)). I also got her first 2 novels too but I hardly finish the first one and didn’t start on the other. And I just finished this book almost halfway when I was on the plane from Hong Kong to Dubai and some time when I was in the latter city.) Update (01/26/2014): I finished the book right before last year ended. Success!