A Feminist View of Mind: A Personal Reflection on Feminism

Feminism is a theory that deals with the ever-changing view of women in many ways: it could be in media, real-life, obviously everything. In short, feminism talks about the condition of women in past, and present. While not discussing about any essay in general, the author would like to talk about feminism in general. This is something that intrigues many people, even men (surprisingly), and many college students has a great sense of respect for, and dedicated their theses to.

To be honest: the author is glad that men and women are slowly getting an equal footing in almost every aspect of life and society. Many women have found their voice & place in life & society. Something that many women wanted to express on. It has been a long way from Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women published during in-between the Scientific and Industrial Revolution. Feminism today has been one of the most interesting theories found in the academia.

The condition of women have changed over the past years. Before, many women are in the house, looking after the household and the children. That was their fate, that is, several generations later… Many doesn’t just stay at home, and/or look after the household and children: many can work to earn a living, take part in current events and issues, and voice out their opinions, just to name a few. Yet, there are some issues that have to settle down over the years: things such as like rape, domestic violence, poor treatment in life, etc. While there are efforts done by many individuals and the government all over the world to address these issues, there are still untold stories of pain and resentment that have yet gotten justice for these poor women who need help to make themselves independent physically, socially, emotionally, psychologically and ¬†spiritually. These vary from one country to another: each with various different needs that women really need to obtain to be free from the shackles of pain inflicted to them unjustly by their oppressors.

The author, as a woman, can understand how this can affect her as well: in her gender, as well as her sexuality. It have been her concern to understand why there are some issues that have affected women in the past still persist & have yet to end soon.  Hopefully, in the future, these issues and abuses done onto women will end once and for all in a honorable manner; something many are hoping to go well.