Hi there. Let me explain about my life so far (but not too much! and in bullet form).

  • I’m currently at a Royal, Pontifical & Catholic University in Manila, the Republic of the Philippines known as the University of Santo Tomas (a.k.a the Oldest (currently) Existing University in the country & in Asia), sometimes infamous for being flooded during heavy rain showers), taking up a Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Arts) in Literature.
  • My interests include: fashion, literature, food, travelling, creative writing, world history & culture, fragrances & arts.
  • I’m diagnosed with Autism (specifically Asperger Syndrome) at a very young age (I will not tell when for privacy reasons).
  • I’m have a problem with seasonal change disorder (since I’m used to a very tropical climate in where I live) especially whenever I go out abroad.
  • Have a tendency to blow up in terms of my temper (still have this as a problem until today)

So that’s what I can actually you so far. If you have any comment or shout outs, type it down & let me know about that…

Where You Can Find (& Contact) Me (please no friend requests):



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