Personal Thoughts on Post-Colonialism Theories

Post-colonialism deals with the conditions that have affected both so-called First World & Third World countries after colonialism. It is similar to the master and subject relationship: the master takes the subject’s right to speak, to literacy; have them diverted to ‘other rules’, etc. in other words, the subject just becomes into a ‘shadow’, unable to speak because of the wrongdoings of the Master.

The theories under it has made the author to think and reevaluate her status in society. She dreads the West for the mistreatment of the East, their greediness and cruel treatment, and their horrible mistakes. She finds them very interesting and thought-provoking. It lets her understand the current issues of the world in globalization. Born in the US, Chinese in blood, Filipino-American in citizenship, Filipino in mind and heart – why so complicated for so many people in the East: the so-called Other? She believes that the West is so insecure (even until today) that they decided to impose their so-called ‘superiority’ onto others, so they can feel better, but it doesn’t work always. They do make their presence known even they left, through various ways & sources of media, what a complicated world to live in.

Don’t get her wrong. It’s her opinion of the West & their so-called ‘superiority’. They’re mostly shallow, like the shallowest part of the sea: it’s never enough for them to be better than others. In a way, yes; in another, they didn’t. She prays one day that they will stop using those wretched labels on them and others, and learn that everyone is equal in humanity & no one is no better than others in certain ways. That, she hopes, will happen in the near future…


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