Being Chinese-Filipino: Ethnicity, nationality, and the confusion that excludes


Chinese-Filipinos have been in the spotlight recently. A few weeks ago, renowned writer F. Sionil Jose declared that should a war break out between the Philippines and China, Chinese-Filipinos would most likely take China’s side. While reactions to F. Sionil Jose’s comments are still making the rounds, a particular Chinese-Filipino graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) with a 1.004 GPA, the first student to obtain such an achievement since World War II. Despite this remarkable feat, Tiffany Uy has not been spared from criticism. Many have said that the country should not be proud of her because she is not even Filipino, although there have also been many who spoke in her defense.

The online debates and verbal sparring surrounding Uy’s achievement raise two points of concern: the explicit and strong racist sentiments in some of the reactions; and the confusion regarding ethnicity, nationality, and more importantly, belonging. As a…

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The Blunder that Nearly Ruined Miss Universe 2015

Felt this needs to be posted in here:

10 reasons you’re surrounded by idiots

The Wise Sloth

1. Cultural Isolation. Great leaps in human progress have often come from the meeting of minds. The Crusades brought Europe out of the dark ages. Christianity would have never evolved out of Judaism were it not for the cultural diffusion the Romans brought to the Middle East.  The founding fathers of America based many of their political ideas on what they learned from thinkers all over Europe as well as the Native Americans. The printing press made the ideas cheaper and easier to transport, and the internet has sped up the growth of human knowledge exponentially.

But throughout history our minds have been cut off from each other’s by physical, linguistic and political barriers, and they still are. If we had free energy, one language and no political barriers our knowledge would explode like an algae bloom in the ocean…but the people with the power to remove these stumbling blocks…

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Water Cancer Chicken: A Chinese New Year themed post

Cancerian Roosters are tender, sweet individuals, yet still rough around the edges. They are efficient and sharp. These Roosters enjoy the company of friends, family and even animals.

I’m a water Cancer Rooster. Why is that? First and foremost, rooster, in Chinese zodiac, is a metal element zodiac. Certain metals could get rusty when in contact with water, not for water roosters.

In Chinese zodiac, each element for any zodiac sign is rotated in a 60 year cycle, just like the water cycle. I was born in the 90’s in the water rooster year, the last documented year was in 1933 at the time of my birth.

Summing from the website I found about my sign:

The characteristics of the Rooster are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.

This Rooster is a bit more docile than the other Roosters. He is quieter, more tranquil, not as vocal or as spotlight hungry as other Roosters. These Roosters are great communicators probably because they do possess the ability to tone things down a bit. They have boundless energy that sometimes gets caught up in detail which causes a lapse in concentration. They have to learn to appreciate detail but not to harp on it, otherwise they may miss the final destination.

Loud like any rooster at dawn, I am quite a wake up call due to my crying spells for most of life, yet quite as the now empty, ruined Metropolitan Theater in Manila that has lost its grandeur. My brain is often wired with so many things that I got off-guard of what I am doing and that there is so much pressure on me to do them.

Again from one of those websites,
The Rooster is a flamboyant personality, feisty and obstinate. He is quite the extrovert who loves to strut his stuff and is proud of who he is. Outwardly confident, the Rooster is also a trustworthy, hardworking individual. He’ll tell it like it is with no qualms or reservations.

Years of the Rooster
Rooster Years are tenth in the cycle following the Monkey Years, and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Rooster Year actually begins.

Roosters are very loyal individuals. They do not like dishonesty or mockery of any sort. They are blunt, up front and honest people and expect those around them to be the same. Roosters are happiest when they are surrounded by others, at a party or just a social gathering. They even enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charisma and wit in a minute. This star quality can be overbearing, for a Rooster expects you to listen to him while he speaks and can become agitated if you don’t. Roosters do have a tendency to brag about themselves and their achievements and demand an attentive audience when doing so.

Brave, Romantic, Motivated, Proud, Blunt, Resentful, Boastful

Strangely, the Western counterpart of my Rooster is Virgo, though I’m a Cancerian. Cancers are the opposite of Roosters: over-emotional, clingy, home lovers, stuck in the forked road. Like any Cancer, I too am fascinated with the supernatural, which explains why I like the idea of fantasy-adventures, got the Sims 3: Supernatural expansion pack, like the concept of the Classical Elements in fiction, and I got a crush on a guy who played a wizard in the big screen. Yes, I’m not the neatest person you’ll ever meet: my room looks like a warehouse more than an actual room. Failure is one of my major dislikes, I remember getting a 20/50 in an online computer exam, and it’s all because I can’t handle advance computer theory and stuff. I’m also a romantic as well. Which is why I fell hard for that wizard-portraying actor.

Some said that Cancers are more likely to suffer health problems like cancer (no pun intended), bad eye sight, etc. I fall under Cancers who suffer bad eye sight.

To be honest, I’m more of a Cancer than a Rooster throughout my entire life, and it is a big headache to understand myself at times, other than my diagnosis of Autism.

Yet, what many say of my zodiac signs doesn’t mean I should be affected by them. Sometimes, it’s nice to break away from the stereotypes, and I got to admit: it’s pretty tight to understand one’s zodiac signs and life…

Why I don’t want to kill Sims

When I was a kid, I had an encounter of the original Sims game. At first, I wasn’t interested in it, but I made up my mind & went for it. It’s playing Barbie dolls, only in the computer. There was one incident that made me vow to not kill any Sim again, unless I want it for a story or I just don’t like a Sim.

While I was playing with the Goth family (pre-Sims 2), I had Bella Goth cook some lunch. Then she burnt it and a fire broke out. It happened a few times I played with them, but this one would change everything. Mortimer, her husband, came in along with their kid Cassandra and a firefighter. It got so worse that even poor Morty got caught by the flames, and perished. It was silly of me to let them die a terrible death.  Some years later, I found out that Morty would do the same thing, that burned the old Goth house and his parents down! I didn’t knew Maxis and EA Games would do this, and my incident foreshadows it!

It wasn’t intentional, I know, but this incident made me to come up a resolve: no more killing Sims except for old age, storytelling and the Sims that I don’t like much (I got this funny idea of killing off nasty and evil Nick and Vita Alto of the Sims 3, I want to spare young Holly though (she’s a lot nicer compared to her bad seed parents, insert evil laugh!)).

Example of Fire-related Death in the Sims 1:

This is Autism in the Philippines

A Person with Autism, and proud of it, but not in a bragging and arrogant way!

Autistic BigBro


Enough has been said about the bigoted and hate-filled agenda of the for-profit hate group known as Autism Speaks, and why we Filipinos should be concerned. Evidently, the old windbag Suzanne Wright has always been myopic and microscopic about her perception of autism, as she failed to see the clearer details, and even the bigger picture.

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